May Peace be Upon You

Love For All Hatred For None.

Those who oppose truth always meet with failure.

The suffering which please God is better than that pleasure which displeases Him.

Be kind and merciful to humanity, for all are His creatures; do not oppress them with your tongue, or hands, or in any other way. Always work for the good of mankind. Never unduly assert yourselves with pride over others, even those who are placed under you. Never use abusive language for anyone, even though he abuses you. Be humble in spirit, kind and gentle, and forgiving, sympathetic towards all and wishing them well, so that you should be accepted.

There are many who pretend to be kind, gentle and forgiving, but inside they are wolves; there are many who look pure on the outside, but in their hearts they are serpents. You cannot be accepted in the presence of the Lord unless you are pure, both on the outside and inside. If you are big, have mercy for those who are small-not contempt; if you are wise and well versed in learning serve the ignorant with words of wisdom; never desire to bring disgrace on their ignorance by trying to show off your own learning. If you are rich, instead of treating them with self-centered disdainful pride, you should serve the poor.

Show mercy to your subordinates, be kind to your spouses and to your brethren who are poor, so that in heaven you too will be received with mercy. You really and truly become His, so that He too should be yours. This world is a place of thousands of evils, tribulations and trials; in all sincerity and steadfastness of heart catch hold of God, so that He keeps these evils, tribulations and trials away from you.

If all your honor on this earth is lost to you, God will give you an honor in heaven that shall never wane. Therefore do not leave Him, whatever you may have to go through.

How unfortunate, indeed, is the man who does not even know that he has a God with power over all things! Our Paradise, indeed, is our God: our highest enjoyment is in God, for we have seen Him and all beauty found in Him. This treasure is worth having, even if at the cost of one's life, and this is a jewel which should be purchased even if obtainable only by sacrificing one's entire being. O ye that are devoid, run to this spring, for it will quench your thirst. It is the spring of life that shall save ye.

Why do you take to the paths of ignorance? Do you run after those who are blind, in the hope that they would show you the way? O you ignorant people! How can a person show you the way who is himself blind. The truth is that the true philosophy can be obtained only through the holy spirit. Through this spirit you will reach those sciences which are not accessible to other. If you ask for it with sincerity, you will get it at last, and then you will find that this is the only knowledge that imparts freshness and life to the heart, and places it on a firm tower of perfect certainty.

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Sajjad Ahmad Khan
Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town
Lahore, Pakistan